"Cats" is as the name suggests a cat like race. They came to earth for tens of thousands years ago from space with a few damaged space ships escaping from their now more unknown enemy that had invaded their home planet.

They look like cats, but on the inside for example they have two hearts, a much more advanced brain than humans, almost twice the amount of muscels, but they also have delicant kidneys wich makes them very addictive to water. After so many years with normal cats their intelligence has "cooled" down a bit, but in the same time normal cats has adapted "Cat"s knowledge.

The Cult Of The Dominators Edit

Main Article: The Cult Of The Dominators

The Cult Of The Dominators is a religous cult that believes that the "former enemy" is the dominators of the universe. They are hated by Applecity and it's residents because of the several terrorist actions they have made.

History of "Cat's" Edit

The "Cat's" known history, dates back to the middle of the Last glacial period. That was when two "Cat" spacecrafts crashed on earth. One crashed in Legypt, while the other crashed in the very middle of Mafrica. Later, they managed to make contact with humans. In Legypt, they started to worship the "Cat's" as they seemed magical with all of their technology.

1700's Edit

In the 1700's, the "Cat's" were widespread all over the world. And many "Cat's" had joined different armies as skirmishers and Riflemen. For example the Fritish had a few rifle regiments for "Cat's". Simply known as Cat Riflers. The regiments were the following:

  • Tiger Regiment, Main Regiment (1756 - Present)
  • Ocelot Regiment (1757 - 1914)
  • Jaguar Regiment, Ramerican Colonies (later in service of the Munited States) (1757 - 1775, 1878 in Ramerican service)
  • Lion Regiment (1757 - 1914)
  • Leopard Regiment, Bindian Colonies (1770 - 1946)
  • Sphinx Regiment, Mafrican Colonies (1817 - 1947)
  • Panther Regiment (1762 - Present

Known "cat's"Edit

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