Parliament Building in Østebórg

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Area (Land)
13 sq Miles
Population (2010)

Østebórg (IPA: /østəbʊrg/) is the capital and largest town of the Forshland. It's located on the East Central coast of the island. The second largest town in Forshland, Aylljató lies southwest of Østebórg. The city itself has a population of about 34,450. The surrounding areas and suburbs have a population of about 10,700. Which adds together for a total population of about 45,150.

Old Østebórg

The Historic Part of Østebórg


Old Settlement of Aust HavnEdit

Around the year 939 the settlers who had came to this island found a nice place to settle down and create a community. It was on the eastern part of the island and it was originally founded for being a port so they called the town "Aust Havn", meaning "East Port".

Establishment of the Royal PalaceEdit

In the year 1453 the Forshlanders assassinated their leader who had been installed by the Kingdom of Norway.

Aspás Royal Palace

The Aspás Royal Palace.

They needed someone to run the country. So they elected a Royal Family. The Aspás family was chosen to be the Royal Family of Forshland in 1459. In the year 1460 construction was started for the Royal Palace of Forshland, 12 years later (1472) it was finished. The Aspás Royal Family lived in the palace until 1882 when the last member of the Aspás family died, Queen Aðallin.
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