Wipeout Season 1


Episode Winner
Episode 1 Mike
Episode 2 David
Episode 3 Alison
Episode 4 Marvin
Episode 5 Sandra
Episode 6 Ericka
Episode 7 Brad (Episode 1)
Episode 8 Will
Episode 9 Cystal
Episode 10 Chad
Episode 11 Ariel (Episode 4)

Episode QualitiesEdit

Episode 7: There is no Wipeout Winner because we have a recap of the first 6 episodes of wipeout.

Episode 9: It is a pilot episode which consist of 32 contestants, so the game is more people thoughout the game except the Wipeout Zone.

Episode 11: The 11th Episode is the finale of Season 11, so there is the top 25 best wipeouts in Wipeout.

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