Episode 1

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The Elimination Table is only containing the top 12 that made it to the sweeper.

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Qualifier Sweeper DizzyDummy WipeoutZone
1st Mike 01:32:5 2nd 3rd 05:25.67
2nd Brad 01:30.2 1st 2nd 05:52.15
3rd Janell 02:29.5 6th 4th 08:01.34
4th Kevin 02:15.6 3rd 1st Out of Time
5th Santos 01:40.1 5th 5th X
6th Amanda 02:30.9 4th 6th
7th Vicky ? 7th X
8th George ? 8th
9th Lizz ? 9th
10th Steven 02:42.5 10th
11th Raven ? 11th
12th Martha ? 12th

The Cast that didn't made itEdit

The following people that are the 24 contestant that did not make it are:

  • Nicole
  • Jacky (Quited the competition)
  • Jorge "My Man"
  • "The Smart" Frankia
  • Edward
  • Chris "My Name Jericko"
  • Spiderman (Dave)
  • Nijeta
  • "Elastico" Raden
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