3D Jill is a virtual earth software by Enigma Productions. It shows satellite and 3D models of Jill. It was released in 2005 and currently serves businesses, homes, and television stations.


3D Jill covers all of the Jill territories with high-quality satellite images updated every 3 weeks. The 3D layer lets the user view Jill in a "real-life perspective," with object ranging from individual trees to skyscrapers and live traffic freeways.

Some of the basic capabilities include:

  • 3D icons - individually rendered 3D icons on the map.
  • LiveTraffic - live traffic data on 3D-rendered virtual freeways.
  • LiveRadar - streaming high-definition radar and weather warnings.

3D Jill requires a $15-per-year subscription to access its images and many models.

Advanced features in the Business Pack include:

  • Home & Office - a directory of over 18,000,000 businesses and people in their respective locations.
  • TropicalTrakr - ability to track over 11 different fronts, pressure systems, tropical systems and thunderstorms.


  • 100+ GB of hard drive space
  • Internet access
  • Sky 8 or 9 operating systems
  • x64+ processor
  • 100 MB+ of RAM
  • 3D LaserCard
Business Pack and 3D Seally:
  • Original 3D Jill
  • extra 500 MB of hard drive space

3D SeallyEdit

3D Seally will be an expansion pack to the original 3D Jill. It will cover the Seally Islands with most, if not all, of 3D Jill's capabilities.

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