The 8 Strip is a shopping district in the city of Seally in the Seally Islands. It is home to many famous buildings, including the historic police headquarters, and Seally Rail's large port station. Located on Highway 8, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. While only taking up about 2 or 3 square miles, it is an independent district, District 5.


When the city of Seally was founded in 1939, all construction materials for the buildings on the island were located in a large warehouse, dubbed Warehouse 2, on the western edge of the island. Eventually, by 1941, Warehouse 2 was empty and demolished by the government. The concrete floor of the warehouse, though, was not removed because of potential damage to the fragile ground underneath it. After the demolishing, all that remained was a large, flat layer of open concrete.

Later in 1941, Highway 8 was expanded to circle the central areas of the island, which were at that time undeveloped. The road plan called for the new highway to cut through the concrete. Eventually, the highway was built on the concrete to save costs. The concrete not effected by the highway's construction was left as-is.

In 1943 a train station was built along the highway for transporting passengers and cargo across the island. The Port Station, as it was called, became the busiest and largest train station because of the new flow of developers to the center of the island. Because of the large number of passengers arriving at the concrete plain to be called the 8 Strip, it was the first area to be developed. Over time, numerous stores lined the highway. In the 1980s, the airport terminal was built on the 8 Strip. Since the mid-1940s, the 8 Strip has been home to many of the city's shops and plazas.

Fastlane projectEdit

The Fastlane Project, a major construction project designed to beautify the island and rebuild parts of the road system, has struck the 8 strip hard. The entire 8 Strip is being rebuilt with larger, more professional roads and new plazas and more wide, open areas. The 8 Strip division of the project is estimated to cost between ₪14 and ₪20 million (US$28 and US$40 million), but could climb higher because of increased delays and expanded plans. Using the newly-produced Concrete Fluid Solution (CFS), a quick-drying concrete that dries in about 5 minutes and doesn't crack, almost all of the 8 Strip has been covered with new plazas, roads and such. The project started on June 4 and will end later this year.

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