The Abitur is an compulsory examination test taken by senior high school students in the Holy Germanian Empire to go to college or the universites. This examination determines jobs and future education.

Subjects (optional): English, Holy Germanian, Stteinese, Latin, Art, Music, History, Social Sciences, Geography, Philsophy, Pschyology, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Sciences, Home Economics, Technology, gymanstics and physical education

The test lasts for one hour per week. You are provided books, materials, pencils, and paper to complete it. If you do not complete it within a hour, you are given the next week to work on it. After you are done, it is submitted to the university, who grade it and confirm your acceptance, and put it on your educational record. If you get a sixty percent or higher, you have passed the test. If you constanly get below that, it is marked as a stain on your record and used against you in any future jobs and oppurtnities.

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