Accentabourne flag

Official name
Democracy of Accentabourne
Large Cities
Beldon Seek
Avhjammah's Heritage
Highest Point
Mount Ballcong - 3,678 metres AMSL
Lowest Point
Barateng Portal - 7 metres UMSL

Accentabourne is a island and nation in the Southern Ocean, on the planet Floyd. The island is a banana republic, with a dictator named Alaster Lubart. The capital is Beldon Seek, a enormous city inside high city gates.

History Edit

Nearly all of Accentabourne's inhabitants are natives, and the country have never ever actually been "discovered" or "civilized" by the mainlanders.

13Th century is considered as the start of Accentabourne's golden epoch, and the ruling system that were used then is still not to far from what is is today. In 1567 there were a big rebellion called The Fight of the Birds, because of the frequent use of birds as message bringers. But the rebellion didn't change much of the political system, the whole thing was more concentrated on religion. Before the revolt the country had a very traditional and strict religion based on old folk tales. The new official belief was more modern; more based on the spiritual than historical, and less rules.

Economy Edit

The Accentish currency is named Tens, and one Tens is worth 0,024 Jillian Dollars. The low exchange rate doesn't bother the inhabitants too much, since trading is more usual than money use.

In 1978, the Fianical Crash of 1978 destoryed the value of the currency, with it dropping by 11,560 dollars. The currency did not recover until January 1989.

Military Edit

Accentabourne's army is one of the biggest in Floyd, but because the nation's absent of quality weapons it never reach up to the greatest ones, like Slagen. Before the automatic guns and such things were invented, Accentabourne's army had a big bunch of elephants, controled by special trained soldiers. Now they got a big amount of low-quality tanks instead.

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