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Acorn Crossing is a town[1] located in Marvyn County in the state of Lohana, at the junction of State Highways 558 and 641, near the Nautahaick-South Fork of the Andrews River. Acorn Crossing is located in Lohana's "Fertile Belt".


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The Acorn Crossing area was inhabited by native Parkufo peoples some 500 years before the first English-speaking settlers arrived in the late 1700s. Explorers discovered a settlement called "Oic-viito" ("little village"). In 1798, explorers burned the settlement to the ground and built a new community, simply called "New Settlement" during the early 1800s. New Settlement was destroyed in 1824, and its residents fled to other communities. Decades later, during the 1890s, community planners re-built New Settlement. In 1912, New Settlement was renamed Acorn Crossing (the reason for the name is not known). Acorn Crossing was a farming town for years, but new businesses came to the town during the 1960s and 1970s, after nearby Dragoonasag Interstate Highways 61 and 92 were constructed. More recently, in 2009, a Farvin truck plaza was constructed in Acorn Crossing (and to access it, truck drivers still need to drive some eleven miles from DI-61 on Highway 558).


The town of Acorn Crossing is served by the Acorn Crossing School System. In 2012, Acorn Crossing High School was ranked one of the best high schools in the state of Lohana. The Acorn High School class of 2014 was the biggest graduating class the school has ever seen.

Acorn Crossing, for ten years, was home to Marvyn County College, and their sports teams were nicknamed the "Dogs" (this nickname is now used for ACHS's sports teams). Marvyn County College closed its doors for good on December 1, 1999.


Acorn Crossing is located at the junction of State Highways 558 and 641. The town can be accessed by using exit 159 of DI-61 (it is the control town for the exit) or exit 132 of DI-92. Acorn Crossing is not very far from the South Pennall Airport.


Acorn Crossing has a "mayor-council" form of government. The mayor since 2013 is Daniel Goodswaithe. The town government meets at the Town Hall on Howard Street.


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