Adam William Wolf


Birth Name
Adam William Wolf
February 2, 1947
Pleasantview, Simsville
April 26, 2009
Years Active
1983 - 2008
Migle Wolf
Will Wolf, Blazej Wolf, Bryan Wolf, Adam Wolf II, Johnson Wolf, Arial Wolf, Samantha Wolf

Adam William Wolf (February 2, 1947 - April 26, 2009) was a judge and was well known for his appearence on Sims Big Brother 2, along with his second eldest child Blazej. Born and raised in Pleasantview, coincidentally where the set of Sims Big Brother 2 is located. Adam was a family guy; had a wife and raised 7 children, 2 of which were adopted. Adam retired at the age of 61 and entered the Sims Big Brother 2 house the same year.

Life in the Sims Big Brother 2 HouseEdit

Adam was locked in a house with cameras and microphones watching his every move along with other people, one being his adopted son Blazej. Adam entered the house on the very first night and his son Blazej entered on the 7th Day. Neither of the two won the grand prize but made it far. Adam came in 5th and his son was the Runner-Up. Adam avoided being nominated until the week he was evicted which was the 12th Week. After his eviction, Adam moved into the Jury house and couldn't leave until he casted his vote at the finale. Since his son was part of the final two, he voted to evict Mercedes. Unfortunately for Adam, Blazej didn't win. What Adam didn't know was that his wife, Migle, was pregnant and he found out when both reunited on the Finale.

1st DeathEdit

At the age of 32, Adam died in a fire. Migle challenged the Grim Rieper and won Adam back. Adam was burning a pile of leaves and the fire went out of control and he got caught. Adam was resurrected but had 1st degree burns.

2nd DeathEdit

This death occurred after Sims Big Brother 2 but wasn't the last of his deaths. He died of natural causes at the age of 61 (3 months after Sims Big Brother 2) but was ressurected. Migle phoned the Grim Reiper and payed $5000.00 to get him back to life.

3rd and Final DeathEdit

On April 26, 2009, Adam died once again of natural causes, 8 months after the 2nd Death but Migle realized it was time to let go and Adam has remained died since.