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Official name
City of Aikenville
1800 as "Zonapath City"
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Aikenville is a city in the Dragoonasag state of Zinrico. It is the county seat and largest city in Aiken County. The city's nicknames are "A-Ville", "Mountain City, Zinrico", "Mountainburg", and "Mountaintown".


The Aikenville area was inhabited by the Zeiino Parkufos long before the English-speaking settlers arrived. The first English-speaking person to explore the area was John Zonapath in 1799. Zonapath decided to settle near the mountain that now bears his name. He wrote letters to his family and friends, urging them to move to the location where Aikenville now sits.

The Zonapaths and their friends moved to the area in 1800 and began the community now known as the city of Aikenville. The city was named "Zonapath City" from 1800 to 1804, when the name was changed to "West City". The city had this name until 1855, when the name was changed to "Aikenville". In the 1820s and 1830s, the town grew into a city. Two railroad companies began operating in the city in the mid-1860s. In the late-1800s, the first skyscraper in the city, the John Zonapath Tower, was built.

In 1901, Aikenville became Zinrico's largest city; it was surpassed by Zinrico City in 1910. In 1913, land was set aside for John Zonapath Park, which opened to the public in 1914.

In the 1950s, new neighborhoods were built in the city. It was not until the mid-2000s that Aikenville was served by a freeway; Dragoonasag Interstate Route 792 was completed in 2005 and now serves as a link from Aikenville to Zinrico City.



The city of Aikenville had a population of 561,234 during the last census.

Aikenville's Population Since 1800
Year Population
1800 45,754
1820 102,234
1840 123,764
1860 135,204
1880 174,744
1904 235,064
1924 274,140
1944 300,005
1964 456,834
1984 479,995
2004 543,231
2008 561,234


Below is the racial make-up of Aikenville's population.

Racial Make-up of Aikenville's Population
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 83.9
African 6.3
Hispanic 5.4
Parkufo 1.5
Other 2.9


Aikenville's economy has been good for years. The city ranks as a leading manufacturing center. Its location near John Zonapath Mountain makes it a tourist attraction for hikers who want to climb the mountain.

Headquartered in Aikenville is the Aikenville Stock Exchange.


Aikenville has warm to hot summers and cold winters. The average January high is 36 degrees, and the average low is 20 degrees. The average July high is 92 degrees, and the average low is 72 degrees.

The highest recorded temperature in Aikenville was 110 degrees on July 18, 1954. The lowest recorded temperature was -5 degrees on January 14, 1972.


Aikenville has three school districts, the Blackroute-South School District, the West School District, and the North Aiken School District.

The city is also home to the University of Zinrico at Aikenville (UZA).


Aikenville's architecture is mostly modern. Much of Downtown Aikenville's skyline was built after 1960. The Building Code of Aikenville states that buildings in the city must be able to withstand earthquakes because of the city's location.

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