The Airliners 989 is a widebody jet built by the aircraft manufacturer Airliners Incorparated. It is powered by three 18-series fusion engines, the same type of engine found on the Airliners Triple Decker (which has six engines). It is based on the smaller Airliners 686.

Comparison to other aircraftEdit

Airplane Top speed Engine Seating Capacity Flight range
Airliners 989 4,800 mph (Mach 6.2) 18-series fusion engine (x3) 400 30,000 miles
Airliners 686 4,400 mph (Mach 5.6) 16-series fusion engine (x3) 350

25,000 miles

Airliners Triple Decker V100 5,000 mph (Mach 6.5) 18-series fusion engine (x6) 600 50,000 miles
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