Alaster Lubart


Birth Name
Alasichab Nochillian Lubart
October 21, 1976 (37 years old)
President of Accentabourne

Alaster Lubart is the current president and dictator of Accentabourne.


Alaster was born in Accentabourne's capital city; Beldon Seek, October 21st 1976 and had three sisters. His father was born in a royal family and Alaster had visited the royal castle several times before he become one of the sitting president's advisers in 1992.
In 2003 he hired an assassin to kill the president, and the assassination went successful. The High Mali council elected to the new president, in ignorance of his illegal actions.

Short after his enthronement, Alaster changed the national rules to his advantage and become a dictator with unlimited rights. Many Accentians believe in totalitarianism, and it took a long time before the people realized that the dictatorship didn't bring anything other than calamities and infraction of the human rights.


Alaster Lubart have been characterized as a very angry and enclosed persons, with very traditional view on women. Although he's a very materialistic person, he's also fascinated of the nature and can often be seen on his balcony, studying the national park under him.