Almina State Route 115 (abbreviated ALM-115) is a north-south state route maintained by the Dragoonasag state of Almina's department of transportation. Its south end is at State Route 74 in Pradam County, and its north end is at State Route 61 in Burker County. The route has brief concurrencies with State Route 602 and Dragoonasag Interstate Route 36.

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Almina State Route 115 begins at State Route 74 in Pradam County. The route runs due north toward the town of Deep End. In Deep End, State Route 115 is known as Edwards Street. After leaving Deep End, State Route 115 continues north through rural Belcher County, and then enters the city of Bluberne. In Bluberne, Route 115 merges with State Route 602, and runs west with Route 602 for six miles before turning north into Jameson County. The route runs through rural Jameson County and through the town of Staughan. State Route 115 merges with Dragoonasag Interstate Route 36 north of Staughan, and travels west with the freeway for two miles. The route then turns north into Tennessawa County and toward Caneysburg. After leaving Caneysburg, State Route 115 turns northwest, weaving along the Granvillah-Fryesworth county line. The route continues into Burker County and toward its north end at State Route 61.


  • Almina State Route 115 is a four-lane dual carriageway from Almina State Route 74 to Dragoonasag Interstate Route 36.
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