Almina State Route 49

Almina 300 and 49 shields

South end
DI-36 in Red Hill County
North end
State Route 61 in Thames

Almina State Route 49 (abbreviated ALM-49) is a north-south state route running from DI-36 in Red Hill County to State Route 61 in the city of Thames. During its route, it has a concurrency with State Route 300 in Roberts County.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Fryesworth
  • Mack
  • Huyett
  • McLaughlin
  • Buster
  • New Picochatt
  • Thames

Major intersectionsEdit

  • DI-36 in Red Hill County
  • State Route 85 in Red Hill County
  • State Route 54 in Fryesworth
  • State Route 40 in Huyett
  • State Route 300 in Roberts County (merge briefly)
  • State Route 862 in New Picochatt
  • State Route 61 in Thames

Route descriptionEdit

State Route 49 begins at Dragoonasag Interstate Route 36 in eastern Red Hill County. It then travels northwest along a two-lane road toward Fryesworth County and the city of the same name. In Fryesworth, it intersects State Route 54 on the west side of town. Route 49 continues northwest through the communities of Bishop, Mack, Huyett, and McLaughlin. In McLaughlin, the highway merges with Route 300; both travel west along a two-lane stretch of road until Route 49 splits off to travel northwest toward Buster, New Picochatt, and Thames.

Along its journey, Route 49 crosses over the Cecilio, Nelsonton, and Joy rivers.


State Route 49 was planned in the 1940s, and was originally to run from the old Persianapolis-Almino Trail (now traced by DI-36) to McLaughlin. The older part of Route 49 was constructed in 1948 and designated as Route 49 in December of that year. A new road was built from Highway 300 to Thames in 1989. It was given the Route 49 designation in 1990, despite there already being a highway with that designation. To avoid having two State Routes numbered 49, the state's transportation department had the stretch between the two roads designated as both Route 300 and Route 49, creating a concurrency.

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