Almina State Route 602
West end
Persiana state line
East end
State Route 388 near Almino

Almina State Route 602 (abbreviated ALM-602) is an east-west state route maintained by Almina's Transportation Department. Its west end is at the Persiana state line west of Leder. Its east end is at State Route 388 near Almino.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Leder
  • Bluberne
  • Rhode
  • Rhauberdon
  • Rendell


Route descriptionEdit

State Route 602 begins at the Persiana state line and continues northeast toward the town of Leder. It continues toward Bluberne, the county seat. Immediately after leaving Bluberne, Route 602 enters Rhode County, continuing due east to Rhode. At Rhode, Route 602 turns northeast, and keeps this path for the rest of its journey.

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