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Almina State Route 61 (ALM-61) is a north-south state highway beginning at a junction with State Route 739 in Herre Moltore and ending at National Route 324 in Troffoltown. In 2012, the highway was designated the "Jason Howard Slaentz Memorial Highway", in honor of the late Almina politician and businessman, whose hometown was Granville, located along the highway. Slaentz passed away in March 2011, and is buried in a cemetery along the highway near Granville.

Counties traversedEdit

From south to north:

  • Mitchell County
  • Granvillah County
  • Burker County
  • Thames County
  • Robertson County
  • Lennian County


From south to north:

  • Herre Moltore
  • Lessner
  • Granville
  • Patrik
  • Thames
  • Troffoltown

Major junctionsEdit

From south to north:

  • State Route 739 in Herre Moltore
  • State Route 642 near Granville
  • Almina State Route 461 in Granville
  • State Route 115 in Burker County
  • State Route 300 in Patrik
  • State Route 862 in Thames County
  • State Route 49 in Thames
  • State Route 361 in Thames County
  • National Route 324 in Troffoltown

Major river crossingsEdit

  • Nelsonton River on the Mitchell/Granvillah County line
  • Joy River in Thames County

Route descriptionEdit

State Route 61 begins at the junction with Highway 739 in the city of Herre Moltore. Within the city limits, it travels along Neuerthal Avenue. Highway 61 travels northeast from Herre Moltore into rural Mitchell County before crossing the Nelsonton River and entering Granvillah County. In Granvillah County, Highway 61 continues northeast, passing through the cities of Lessner and Granville. In Burker County, the highway first passes through open spaces before entering forested areas about seven miles into the county. Once the highway reaches the city of Patrik, it meets Highway 300 and immediately turns due north. In Patrik, Highway 61 is a five-lane road (including a center lane), and is known as Snyder Boulevard. After leaving Patrik, the highway again enters forested areas, and stays within forested areas until the Joy River crossing in Thames County. After this, the road enters hilly, open areas. Highway 61 passes through the Thames County seat, a city that shares its name with the county. Within the city of Thames, the highway is known as Norton Highway. After leaving Thames, Highway 61 continues through rolling hills until the next community, Troffoltown, where it meets its end at Highway 324.

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