Almina State Route 739 (abbreviated ALM-739) is a north-south state route maintained by the Transportation Department of the state of Almina. Its south end is at State Route 602 in Leder. Its north end is at the Carlana state line.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Belcher County
  • Jameson County
  • Mitchell County
  • Granvillah County
  • Stone County
  • Nichalas County
  • Zeigler County
  • Charles County
  • Stratton County
  • Bradshaw County


  • Leder
  • Gorzee
  • Perry
  • Jameson
  • Titono
  • Herre Moltore
  • Gaines
  • McJobb
  • Jones
  • Nicksons Hill
  • Reill
  • Lovell
  • Stratton
  • Persiana
  • Shaper

Major intersectionsEdit

  • State Route 602 in Leder
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 36 in Titono
  • State Route 61 in Herre Moltore
  • State Route 642 in Granvillah County (merged until Gaines)
  • State Route 862 in McJobb
  • State Route 806 in Jones
  • State Route 844 in Nichalas County
  • National Route 324 in Reill
  • National Route 333 in Lovell
  • National Route 124 in Persiana

Routing / descriptionEdit

State Route 739 begins in the city of Leder in Belcher County, at State Route 602. From there, the route travels northwest into Jameson County. It crosses over the Cecilio River halfway between Leder and Gorzee. The route continues northwest through the small town of Gorzee, and continues toward the small town of Perry. North of Perry, the route enters the larger city of Jameson, where the road turns more to the north. The route continues into Mitchell County, and toward the city of Titono. After leaving Titono, Route 739 turns northwest and continues toward the town of Herre Moltore. North of Herre Moltore, the route crosses over the Nelsonton River, and enters Granvillah County, where it continues northwest toward Gaines. North of Gaines, the route turns more to the northwest, into Stone County and the city of McJobb. Immediately north of McJobb, the route crosses the Joy River. Route 739 continues toward the city of Jones. From Jones, the route continues toward its second crossing of the Nelsonton River and the city of Nicksons Hill. In Nichalas County, the route turns north, and maintains a northerly path until Bradshaw County, where it turns northwest again, continuing until its end at the Carlana state line.

Trivia / Note(s)Edit

  • From National Route 124 north, the road follows the path of Old National Route 801.