Alver, Zinrico

Alver, Zinrico Town Hall

March 29, 1874
Seth Champeldor

Alver is a town in Valley County, Zinrico. As of 2010, its population is 9,276. The town was founded in 1874 and named after Battle of Mennissaw and Battle of Woullen Creek General Alver Palmer.


Alver was founded on March 29, 1874 as Stewartsboro by two brothers named Gregory and Howard Lupack. They named the settlement after Dragoonasag Revolutionary war soldier Frouth Stewart. In 1907, the town was renamed Alver, after General Alver Palmer. In 1911, Alver received its Post Office, and in 1912, the town received its own Police Station. Both the Post Office and the Police Station were destroyed in a fire in 1923. Construction on the second Post Office began in 1924, and construction on the second Police Station began in 1925. In 1927, a small earthquake occurred just northwest of the town; the epicenter was just outside the town limits.

Beginning in 1931, Alver experienced a decade of violence as gangs from Aikenville and Zinrico City migrated to smaller towns to "give them a bad name". Gang members beat up police officers and innocent residents. By the end of the 1930s, Alver was considered the most dangerous town in Zinrico. In 1940, the townspeople decided they had enough. On April 14, 1940, the townspeople voted to oust mayor Ralph Frouths and elected William Bluehammer as mayor. Bluehammer quickly cleaned house, and some 456 gang members were arrested and sent to jail in Aikenville and Zinrico City, after Alver's jail became full. The era that is now known as "Alver's Violent Era" officially ended on February 4, 1941.

In the late 1990s, about half of Alver's population left the town for bigger settlements, and the town's population was reduced to 9,774. By 2008, the population had been reduced to 9,276.



Alver's people are called "Alverans". About 78 percent of the city's population is Caucasian; 12 percent of the population is of African ancestry; 8.7 percent of the population is Hispanic, and 1.2 percent of the population is of other ancestries.


Alver is served by the Alver Town Schools System. The town is home to H. Zinz Elementary School, Alver Middle School, and Alver High School. Alver has no colleges.


The Alver government officials meet in the Town Hall, located at 567 Walters Road. The town's current mayor is Seth Champeldor. Alver's mayor serves three-year terms, and may serve up to four terms.

The Alver Police Department enforces the town's laws. The town's current police chief is Daniel Brantz, Jr.

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