Amazing Race 2

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The Auditions are done & 117 teams made it today. Only 18 teams can pass the auditions. Before the final 11 teams are choosen, they will go to a pre-leg. The first 11 teams to complete the pre-leg will be in the Amazing Race 2, while the other 7 teams will be out of the pre-leg auditions (they are not allowed to audition no more).

Results (After Pre-Leg Race)Edit

Teams Relationship Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3
Chris & DJ Best Friends 3rd 1st X
Derek & Drake Brothers 5th 2nd X
Cirie & Sali Cheerleaders 8th 3rd X
Pat & Peter Engaged 10th 4th X
Omelet & Dan Shoppers 2nd 5th X
Eliza & Vicky Weird Dating 6th 6th X
Lydia & Kev Dating 4th 7th X
Kel & Jake College-mates 1st 8th X
Zach & Nick Best Buddies 7th 9th X
Bin & Dana Roomates 9th 10th X
David & Carlo Partners 11th X X


Note 1: Alex & Charlotte quited the race before the pre-leg race, so they have to get a new team in the pre-leg race. The selections are from the 18 eliminated teams in auditions 2. They have a poll, Derek & Drake won the most percentage of 81% of the public vote. They were happy to return & Alex & Charlotte are out.