Andrew Legend is a character from Creature Planet and the older brother of Nathan Legend and Rachel Legend.


File:Andrew Legend’s head

Age 19

Birthday September 4

Home::Rebel City

Hair Color::Black

Eye Color::Blue

Voice Actor::A

Debut::Episode 48


Family::Nicolas (father), Carol (deceased mother), Rachel (younger sister), Nathan (younger brother)

Powers::Melee Fighter (naturally) and Psychokinesis (from Head Band)

History Edit

Early Childhood


File:Young Andrew

On his own


Carnage City Arc

After Nathan had defeated Neo, Neo hacked into a laser satellite and was about to threaten Rachel that he’ll destroy Rebel City unless they let him go and get some information from her, until Nathan and Rachel’s long lost brother, Andrew, arrives and kills Neo. However, the rescue turns into an invasion as he wants Winona Dove for some experiments, since she was a member of the Demon Empire. Nathan and his friends did everything they can defend her, but Andrew and his team were too powerful and defeated them. Fortunately, they decide to let Winona go when Nathan stood in front of her and saw his eyes turning into somewhat of a demon’s eye.

M Arc


Powers and Abilities Edit

Nicolas Legend gave Andrew on of the Legendary Items, the Psychic Headband which Nicolas thought was used just to make energy shields or barriers. However, the latter used his anger to give him the ability of psychokinesis.

After joining the tem Specter's on, Andrew had gained more experience of hand-to-hand combat.

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