Anthony Gregory Hylton Broward (July 9, 1983 - March 4, 2008) was a Dragoonish baseball player who played for the Persiana Wild Cats from 2004 to 2006, and for the Gableton Grizzlies from 2006 to his death in March 2008. He was named after the more famous actor Anthony Broward, but is in no way related to him.

Early life and familyEdit

Anthony Broward was born in Delropolitan, Lohana on July 9, 1983. His father was the legendary Zinrico Falcons football player Russell Tylt Broward, and his mother was schoolteacher Beth Broward (born Beth Anne Munbrie). Broward's father was a huge fan of the sitcom Westfield Patrol and decided to name his son after one of the show's stars.