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Anthony Jordson

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Anthony Thomas Jordson, also known as Tony Jordson, is a character in the sitcom The Jordsons, played by Anthony Broward. He is the patriarch of the main family in the show. He is a father of two sons, John and Michael.


Anthony is an obese widower in his fifties known for his long, black hair and sense of humor. He describes himself as an "Eastville son", and he is very patriotic toward his hometown. He has brown eyes. The Jordsons creator Tommy Rilbin has stated that Anthony's character is a combination of Fatjohn Orange and Frouth Nichols from Fatjohn Adventures and Tommy Quattlebaum from Our War, with "a little bit of Tom Chaser", referring to few references he made to Broward's Westfield Patrol character. His neighbors are Pat Luvall and Matthew Kelford.


The Jordsons creator Tommy Rilbin had originally intended for Anthony to be a short, balding man named Andy. While planning the show, he had planned to cast balding actor Travis Delhino as "Andy". As planning progressed, Rilbin replaced "Andy" with "Anthony" and decided not to make him a balding man. He cast definitely far-from-balding Anthony Broward as Anthony, stating that he was perfect for the role and "it would be nice to have one character who has the same first name as the person playing the character".

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Anthony's early life. It is known that he was born to Mae and Charles Jordson, and that he is a third-generation New York native[1]. It is also known that he is a 1967 graduate of Eastville High School. He did state in the season four episode "A Life in Pictures" that he was in the military.


Anthony only married once, to Elaina Mathison, who gave birth to both of his sons. He and Elaina were married for about seven years. Elaina passed away when John and Michael were young boys, and Anthony chose to raise his sons alone.


Anthony had a rivalry with his neighbor Matthew and his son Travis. This rivalry went on for the first four seasons.

Looking young for his ageEdit

Many viewers of The Jordsons have written letters to Rilbin stating that Anthony, a fifty-something, looks more like he is in his thirties. Rilbin has stated in an interview that Anthony was not supposed to "look" his age, and that was one of the reasons he cast Broward, who, then in his mid-fifties, had no gray hairs and "looked twenty-one years younger".


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