The navy of Applecity is one of the most powerful ones in the world with its 129 cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers and battleships.

History Edit

The navy was created by Applecitys first king and founder,Louie as a support for the Smedish, Northwayish and Kingish navy and was orginally meant to withstand by 7 Tigern-class Cruisers. But 2001 when Applecity discovered a way to use plasma as a effective energy source he gave away hunderds of plasma reactors in exchange of small land areas wich he converted into colonies and later Battlegroups. This enabled Applecitys Navy to expand extremly fast in types of ships and numbers. 2002 a law was written that said that peapole that dosent live in Applecity or its Battlegroups are free to move there and even live in their respective countries but still work in a Battlegroup.

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