Location of Ardaryn

Large city(ies)
Highest Point
Near Panteron, 150 feet above sea level
Lowest Point
Along the coastline
Provincial Day
June 12
Provincial Governor
Travis Douclëan

Ardaryn is one of Yindart's seven provinces. It is known as Yindart's "Southeastern Province", and is bordered on the south, east, and north by water and by the provinces of Hoscomb, Ediaro, and Gavern to the west. Its capital city is Sagatoune, located on the south coast.


The Ardaryn area, like the rest of Yindart, was inhabited by the Iiouk people before English-speaking settlers arrived. In the early 1800s, English-speaking settlers arrived in what is now Ardaryn. In 1831, Ardaryn became a state of the Dragoonish possession of Yindart. In 1832, Ardaryn's people elected Hal Geouta as their first governor. During the Geouta years, Ardaryn's residents felt safe, as Geouta was a strict governor who ordered for law enforcement to arrest anyone who was a lawbreaker or who looked like a lawbreaker. When Geouta lost an election to Joage Hoppolla in 1844, the residents of Ardaryn staged a riot in Sagatoune because they believed Geouta was cheated out of another term. During the Hoppolla years, which lasted from 1845 to 1869, Ardaryn became "the worst place in Yindart". Chaos erupted in the then-state's cities