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Arondello is a city in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It is the county seat of Atrion County. The city is located on the "western boundary" of "Piccocchuse Country".


Arondello was founded in 1831 by Jason Hyller and Ryan Rushe. The city began as a small community for war veterans. In 1845, people moved from Liberty, Territory of Chaumaria to the community, which was then named "Rushyller", after both of its founders. In 1851, residents voted on a new name for their community. Two residents, Arthur C. Bramtin and Robert Vouph, came up with the suggestions "Arondello" and "Newcastle", respectively. Bramtin's suggestion received more votes, and Rushyller became Arondello in November 1851. The city of Arondello held town meetings from 1865 to 1921.

In the second half of the Twentieth Century, a freeway was built near the city; three truck stops were built in the vicinity, and much of the city a renewal process in which many old buildings were destroyed and new ones were built. The demolition of the old buildings began in 1957, and the last abandoned building was destroyed in 1991.

Future plansEdit

Future businesses to come to Arondello include the New Calehedra-based oil company Frepassik, which plans to locate a gas station in Arondello.

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