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Real Name: Arrad

Status: Villain

Occupation: Feared enemy of the Galactic Kingdom and the VX, GX, YX, and DX Super Forces; universal incarnation of evil; Dark Angelina's creator; ally of the Invader and Raurgan

Powers/Abilities: Fire breath; fire blasts from hands, feet, and tail; a powerful dark sorcerer with great magical skills; freezing beam vision; hypnosis; can survive in outer space; can turn into a dragon-like alien beast; dimensional transportation; virtually indestructible; portal creation; immense strength; telepathy; shapeshifting; has a strong tail; flight; can create life by using some of his life force; has other abilities that are unknown.

Arrad is the ruler of a dragon-like race in a unknown planet from another galaxy.

Arrad is a major threat to both the VX Super Force and the GX Super Force.

Arrad is later killed by his foes, but he mysteriously revives, along with his minion, Dark Angelina, the dark side of one of the GX Super Force's members. Arrad is alligned with many evil space masterminds, rulers and warlords who want to rule the universe. He also goes into another dimension and teams up with an evil demon king named Raurgan, one of the VX Super Force's most powerful foes.

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