Astolan is an area of land covering approximately fifteen square miles. It consists of a hard coralline limestone substrate covered in fertile red soil. Vegetation is sparse in some areas and lush in others. Astolan is extensively described as the Kiurandir's ancestral homeland in their literature, liturgy and philosophy.[1]


The name "Astolan" is ancient and exists in various forms throughout the evolution of the Kiurandir language. The oldest variant has been interpreted to read "Estala" and "Astol".[2] No accurate descriptions of the site's dimensions or precise purpose exist from this time.

Astolan was a popular name throughout the Middle period and was identified with architectural structures in the area as well as the land itself. It has been theorized that the word may be plural.[3]

A major shift in meaning is evident after the collapse of the Imperial period, when court dialects were suddenly replaced by provincial varieties. Astolan is understood to mean different things in different dialects, resolved around the core root for "observer", "to observe". Inference from reliable pre-Imperial sources ascribe a different meaning, generally agreed to be "blue fields". Vestiges of this (eg. the suffix '-lan') have survived in some River dialects.


Astolan has served various functions over the millenia, most conspicuously as a residence for the ruling families of the Kiurandir. Upon the dissolution of these Houses, aristocratic cadres assumed control of Astolan. It was not until the coming of the Ecthalomen that the area was suddenly vacated and the Kiurandir spread to the south-eastern regions of Issa and Kad.

According to the Bailot Treaty, one fifth of Astolan was cordoned off and enclosed. The significance of this is unknown. The bastions surrounding it have since crumbled, however a section of Astolan does exist heavily encumbered with stones. Many of these are partially buried. The Kiurandir call this section of Astolan "Lein". Access to the area is made difficult by its service as a boundary between the Kingdom of Altensi and the Asher Kiurandir. Relations between the two remain cordial.

The BorderEdit

Roughly half of Astolan is currently possessed by the Asher branch of the Kiurandir. The rest is controlled by Altensi under dominion of the Lion Throne. The portion of land shared between them exhibits various megaliths and large cut-rocks totally or partially covered with earth and vegetation.

Altensi patrols in this area have been the source of contention between the Lion Throne and Asher. The Kiurandir do not patrol within Lein, although sentinel posts are located a quarter mile away. The border line is designated to pass through an 88 tonne standing megalith, also considered to be the central point of Astolan.

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