Austin Blizz

Parker & Austin

Birth Name
Austin Michael Terry Samalee Blizz
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Age (as of December 2008)
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Austin Michael Terry Samalee Blizz, better known as Austin Blizz, is a character from Fatjohn Adventures. He bears a resemblance to voice actor Austin Samalee, who voices him. Also, the character is named after Samalee. Both Austin and his voice actor are Reynnies.


Austin stands at 5'8", and has long, black hair and blue eyes. His voice is similar to that of Frederick Kalgarron from Fatjohn, Frederick, & James. Austin is a nice man who is easy to get along with, and he hardly ever shows anger. He shares many of Fatjohn's views. He is a nonsmoker, and never has smoked.

Early LifeEdit

Austin was born to a wealthy family in the island nation of Reynoldsland. He is the son of Terry Blizz and Evelynn Rosemondt-Blizz, both of whom came from wealthy families. He attended school in East Reynoldstown. When he was in high school, he was offered a chance to play on the East Reynoldstown High School football team, but he turned it down. He never showed any interest in football. Austin graduated from high school around the year 1999.

Meeting FatjohnEdit

After graduation, Austin moved to Dragoonasag and traveled throughout the country, taking photographs of scenery. Sometime after Fatjohn, Frederick, & James and before The Adventures of Fatjohn, Austin, Sean, & Parker, he met Fatjohn.