Azari (Old Tierbau:Âzarí) is one of the key gods in Erdmännchen and Tierbau mythology. She is the goddess of chaos and winter.

History Edit

According to legend, she was the child of Jaugo, a god and both emperor of Tierbau. An Old Tierbau legend about Azari written by the 1230s poet, Kari Ljone, says this:

(original) Ęoj Âzarí bćóó źěak a sfaο wioy ǎmer.
-- -- --
Hávar und þoj,
á Liaga,
brynбur váru
blóði stokknar,
en af geirum
geiserr stóðu.
(translated) Thou young Azari came
from the riches of Jaugo,
but not the same was cast upon Herself.
Unforgiving, true, she slashed a knife,
Upon the throat of our ruler.
Whom expected the fruits,
of Slandoer's labor with Her sin,
truth, she got the rulership
with blood was the apparent way,
And as she walked in her golds in cities of love,
the fate of War was assured.
Alas, fates remained dark as night,
and from her actions,
storms came, and thou citizens thought She was no longer.
then, in the skies above,
in the then blue,
ice fell,
of Azari:
She rained again,
with blood upon the ground again,
and their eyes believed it no longer,
and chaos was assured.
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