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alternative hip-hop, gangsta rap, political hip-hop, comedy hip-hop
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BTP, Stoop Kids, Constanz, Bread Winna Boyz, Knife Man, Bigboss, Jerome Larson, Sloppy Joe, Grows Cjollen, One-Child Posse, CPN, Enso, Söuldiers öf Fire
Soulphuric, G-Zis, Lingwistix

BTP Stoop Kids is a Pacardi hip-hop crew formed in Jefferson in August 2011 from the combination of the groups BTP and Stoop Kids, which consisted of the same members. The day of its formation, the album Brungt That Stoop was announced.

BTP Stoop Kids can be described as both a group and a collective. Their debut album, Brungt That Stoop, consists of all three members, with most songs written by only one. Currently, Soulphuric and Lingwistix are working on their respective solo EPs.


Soulphuric - drinks 40s all the time, has a seriously sick flow with a demeanor that goes outright hard, the one you would most not want to fuck with

G-Zis - where all the blow comes from, someone who will do any drug he can get his hands on, likes hard liquor

Lingwistix - a linguist turned rapper, puts linguistic and political themes into his lyrics, typically has a laid-back style of delivery, bitches fetch him wine


As of now, the discography of BTP Stoop Kids consists of 6 standalone singles, 1 studio album, and 1 EP. An album from Commanda Express and an EP from Soulphuric are on the way.


Brungt That Stoop - 2012

Strange Intellectual: The Lingwistix Album - 2012

Extended PlaysEdit

Read My Spit: The Lingwistix EP - 2012

Noble Mobility: The Soulphuric EP


Adopted - 2010

Swag on One - 2011

Ay Girl - 2011

From the Natal - 2011

Linguist - 2011

Rabbit Feet - 2012

Duel (feat. Sloppy Joe) - 2012

Soulphuric vs. Lingwistix - 2012


The members of BTP Stoop Kids enjoy a number of East Coast, West Coast, and Midwestern artists. They display a blend of gangsta and alternative influences.

Action Bronson, Atmosphere, Childish Gambino, Chino XL, Cypress Hill, Eminem, Das Racist, Dr. Dre, Hopsin, Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Kottonmouth Kings, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, OFWGKTA, Tech N9ne, The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan

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