Bad Apple is a 1995 independent comedy film directed by Jack Glenn, starring Alan Welty and Todd Brenner. The story is about a running feud between two southern farmers, Otis and Floyd. The film was criticised for its strong stereotyping of southern farmers, while it was praised for its humor. The film has garnered a cult following.

Bad Apple
Directed by
Jack Glenn
Written by
Jack Glenn
Alan Welty
Todd Brenner
Release date
April 12, 1995
Running time
82 minutes

Plot Summary Edit

In 1985, Mississippi farmer Otis committed money scam against farmer Floyd when buying his older farm. Otis and Floyd go to the court, but Floyd loses the case and is forced to move somewhere else to a new farm. The cheapest farm he can find is in Arkansas, so he relocates to there. Later, in 1994, Otis has forgotten about to previous case and Floyd. He is then close to going bankrupt, and he now has to move to a cheaper farm. He coincidentally happens to move to a farm near to Floyd's farm. Through a series of coincidences where Floyd cross Otis, Floyd begins a want to take revenge on him. He does a number of tricks, like puttings fireworks inside Otis' banjo, plastering dogfeces on a rake that Otis steps on (after which the dogfeces hits his face), and other things. At last, Floyd takes on a chicken costume and ruins a local party. He leads the angry villagers to Otis' farm. The villagers burn down his barn and damages the property severely. Otis then sees that the man in the chicken costume is Floyd. He tries to shoot him, but his gun is empty, so he beats Floyd with the gun instead. Next, Floyd flees back to his own farm, and Otis follows him. Floyd and Otis now begin fighting, and when Otis is about to lose, he throws Floyd's wife out of the window. Floyd now calls the police, and Otis escapes the cops with a tractor through a series of smart maneuvers. Floyd finds Otis again, and they begin a final standoff. But in the middle of the fight, the police prosecutes them both, and they are arrested and driven away.

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