Bailot was an Imperial family of Kiurandir and the name of a cadre that arose from it. It is currently a living branch of Kiurandir. Its tradition is descended from Bailot and it is the only branch to speak a court dialect as a standard (and not exclusively liturgical) language. It maintains cordial relations with other branches.


Following the collapse of the Imperial period of Kiurandir, Bailot divided into three cadres; Bailot, Lalot, Aven. The War of Siblings saw conflict between cadres from most of the defunct Imperial families. Bailot cadre subsumed Lalot and pushed Aven cadre southwards. The First Bailot War involved a dispute with Aven over land. It ended with the Bailot Treaty. The Second Bailot War destroyed Aven's principal city-state, Ava, and Aven ceased to function as a living branch of Kiurandir. Many Aven are currently located in the southern Imen territory, controlled by Bailot.

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