The Bailot Treaty officially ended the First Bailot War, both named for the aristocratic cadre that began and terminated agression between the fractured groups of Kiurandir who appeared after the collapse of the Imperial period.

The treatyEdit

As recorded by the Middle period writer Chanin, the terms of the accord dictated that Bailot cadre immediately;

  • Evacuate the area of Astolan called Lilan.
  • Restore the Centre of Astolan.
  • Cease hostilities with Asher cadre and its ally Menien.
  • Relinquish their claim to a portion of Astolan controlled by cadre Aven.

Initially rejected by the Asher, these terms were eventually adopted by all parties at the insistence of cadres involved in, or observing, the situation. These included cadres Chennan, Shad, Ilha and the Banner of Three.


Lein is the name now used to describe the area of land the treaty calls Lilan. As part of the treaty, Bailot withdrew from the area and erected walls around it. The area's function before this is unknown, as is the exact significance of its enclosure. Le^lan is an archaic word in Early Kiurandir, thought to refer to a state of restlessness.

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