Barbara Whurtman

Barbara Whurtman in 2018

Birth name
Barbara Elizabeth Whurtman
May 28, 1991 (age 28)
Charleston, Salviana
Years active
Mark Allaton (2010-present)

Barbara Elizabeth Whurtman (born May 28, 1991) is a Dragoonish actress whose most notable roles include The Trust Is Broken (2005) as Michelle Hall and Forty Things I Was Told (2008) as Georgia Hamilton. Whurtman is the only daughter of legendary actor John Frouth Whurtman, and the wife of actor Mark Allaton, whom she married in August 2010.


Whurtman was born in Charleston, Salviana, on May 28, 1991. She lived in Charleston for a year, and then the family relocated to Jord City.

Acting careerEdit

Miranda Williams (Whurtman) 001

Whurtman in Miranda, Jan, & Jarita in 2014

Whurtman began acting in the mid-2000s, playing the character of "Michelle Hall" in 2005's The Trust Is Broken. Two years later, she was cast as "Monica Johnson" in It Is Forbidden. In 2008, Whurtman was one of twelve young actresses to audition for the role of "Georgia Hamilton" in Forty Things I Was Told. She was initially turned down because filmmakers thought she "was not experienced enough to act". When film director Michael Knappenberg reminded filmmakers that the young actress had played two roles already, they reconsidered, and ended up casting her. In 2009, Whurtman began playing the character of "Rosa Craig" in the series Nothing Stops Us. She played the role until the series's cancellation in March 2013. In winter of 2014, she began playing the role of "Miranda Williams" in the series Miranda, Jan, & Jarita.



  • The Trust Is Broken (2005) - Michelle Lynn Hall
  • It Is Forbidden (2007) - Monica Johnson
  • Forty Things I Was Told (2008) - Georgia Hamilton


  • Nothing Stops Us (2009-13) - Rosa Craig
  • Miranda, Jan, & Jarita (2014- ) - Miranda Williams


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