Battle of Jandour
December 13, 1890
Easten - 40,000+
Jill - 50,000+

Northern Territory - 100,200
Jill and Easten prevail. The city of Jandour is taken from the Northern Territory.
Green Alliance — 20,000 soldiers
Northern Territory — 50,600 soldiers

The Battle of Jandour was a major battle in Floyd War I. It resulted in the capture of the Northern Territory's city of Jandour by the Green Alliance, mainly Jill and Easten.

The battleEdit

Reaching the Jandour FrontEdit

Troops from Jill had just arrived in the Northern Territory, and were planning to take the major military city of Jandour, in the south-west of the Northern Territory. At 8:12 A.M., Jill attacked the Jandour Front, one of the two major enemy fronts in the war. Comprised of over 100,000 soldiers surrounding the city, mostly machine guns, it helped bar Jill from advancing into the central part of the city. After losing over 1,500 soldiers to the front, a secret communications office was set up in the woods.

Calling for backupEdit

Jill's General James Scharref contacted Easten's main strategy base at 10:05 A.M., and asked for extra backup in taking Jandour. By 12:00 P.M., over 40,000 soldiers had been redirected to the Battle of Jandour.

Winning the battleEdit

With the extra help, the Green Alliance managed to penetrate the east side of the Jandour Front, taking the city hostage with the surrender of the two commanders leading the operation at 6:29 P.M.

Effect on the Northern TerritoryEdit

The Northern Territory was severly weakened in the loss of Jandour, and defenses in the south-west dropped as soldiers were cut off. This led to the capture of two other cities in the west, Marble Valley and Rolex. The loss of the Jandour Front also helped many of Jill's missiles and cruiser ships arrive in the Northern Territory.

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