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|Box title = Beckar
|Box title = Beckar
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|Image size = 300px
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|Row 1 title = Demonym(s)

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Location of Beckar

Large cities
Highest point
Lowest point
Near Orick
Date of statehood
May 14, 1834

Beckar is a state in the nation of Dragoonasag. It was named after Zonapath Brimm Beckar, who fought in the Dragoonasag Revolution. Beckar's state flower is the Beckar rose; its state bird is the Beckar doughalia, and its state tree is the Beckar oak.


It is bordered by Lohana to the north, Cartana and Clarkania to the east, Varconia and Zayna to the south, and Garna to the west. Its three largest cities are Balkerton, Hackard, and Toughstown.

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