Beldon Seek
Official Name
The Great and Mighty National City of Beldon Seek
January 19th, 1679
Major geographical features
Major airport

Beldon Seek is the capital city of Accentabourne, and are located near the island's center. The Head Mali of the city is Cansis Himbii.

History Edit

The idea of a capital city was a new thing for the Accentians, but along many other traditions from the north it was early a fact. In the Accentish religion the middle of an object always is the hearth, the strongest part. Because of that the 51st president of Accentabourne; Ys-balnh Beldon, decided that one of the cities at the island's center should be the new capital. Beldon Seek, that just were named "Seek" back then, suited the title very well both because of the location and the size. In 1679 the capital was founded an renamed to Beldon Seek, though the city is much older than that. Ten years later a sort of prime minister were reclused, called the Head Mali.

Climate Edit

The climate in he city area is warm and dry, only interrupted by a few days in the year with constant rain and storm. But the Beldon Seek don't suffer of lack of water, because under the so-called "God's Valley" there's a subterranean water source.

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