Benjo Weaver

Benjo Weaver in 2009

Birth Name
Benjamin Alvin Weaver
1963 (age 55-56)
Most Famous Roles
Yvonne Kulnt (1985-1992)
Beth Schipps (1997-present)

Benjamin Alvin "Benjo" Weaver (born in 1963) is an actor best known for his role as Kennie Rourke in the 1980s sitcom East City Boys. He currently stars as Tommy Quattlebaum in the sitcom Our War, alongside his actual wife Beth Schipps.


Early Life and FamilyEdit

Weaver was born in 1963 in the United States. He is the younger son of singer Joan Hilguarde-Weaver and actor-singer Baxter H. Weaver, Jr. He attended school in San Francisco.


Before 1980Edit

Weaver made his acting debut in 1975, when he made a cameo appearance in the film Welchtown.

East City BoysEdit

In 1980, Weaver auditioned for what would become his most famous role, the role of Kennie Rourke, on the sitcom East City Boys, along with then-newcomers John Rouffela and Chris Ducatan. Weaver won the role. He played Kennie for nearly a decade, from 1980 to 1988. When asked about his experiences on the set of the show in a 1989 interview, he told interviewers that he had fun on the set of the show. He said that when he was not working, he would play around with his co-stars John Slarvan and Aaron Mischaval.

After East City BoysEdit

When East City Boys ended in 1988, Weaver went on to star in movies such as 1991's Frouth & James, 1994's Parksburg, and 1996's Coach Monday.

Our WarEdit

In 2007, Weaver returned to television, starring in the sitcom Our War. Weaver was cast to play Tommy Quattlebaum, the father of the main family. He reunited with East City Boys co-star Aaron Mischaval, who played his boss on the first season. Weaver has also gotten to work with other co-stars from the 1980s sitcom, including Jason Schridder and Xavier Graydon. He also got to work with Daniel Arrin of Tempora Family, with whom he will star in the upcoming film Brimm Mountain Blues. Weaver has played Tommy for two seasons, and will return as Tommy, as the show has been greenlit for a third season, which will air this fall.


Television WorkEdit

Show Year Role
East City Boys 1980-1988 Kennie Rourke
Our War 2007-present Tommy Quattlebaum


Film Year Role
Welchtown 1975 Kevin Meltstone
Eastfield Kids 1986 Kidd Punters
Frouth & James 1991 James Mathorne
Parksburg 1994 Greg Filkes
Coach Monday 1996 Coach Jackson Byricks Monday
Brimm Mountain Blues 2010 Jack Brussan