Betelgeuse moonview

Betelgeuse and Betel-A, the Vistor & Immigration Centre and largest moon of Betelgeuse.

Betelgeuse is a planet in the I-03-R-012-785-system. The planet is controlled by four main managements; the United Nations of Anor, the Golden Empire, Grand Lotus and the Hassardmen.

Geography Edit

Betelgeuse's mainland is made up of around 78 percent cultivated landscape. As a result, Betelgeuse lost most of the natural cycle and the climate is mostly driven by technology.

Continents Edit

The planet's mainland consists of nine separated continents, all ruled by the autocratic authority of the four powers.

Continent Management
Arcarus The Golden Empire
Catarin Grand Lotus
Centauri The Golden Empire
Denise The Golden Empire / The United Nations of Anor
Hadar The Hassardmen
Londor Grand Lotus
Waya The Hassardmen
UNA 1 The United Nations of Anor
UNA 2 The United Nations of Anor
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