Big Brother is a US reality show based off the Dutch reality show, created by John de Mol and produced by Endemol.

Season 1

Run: July 14-August 28th, 2000

Twist: None

Houseguests (10)

Adam Murray 26- Construction Worker- Des Moines, Iowa

Brittany Curtis 24- Model- Chicago, Illinois

Edward "Eddie" Mitchell 45- Roofer and father of three- Evansburgh, Indiana

Jackie O'Reilly 37- News Anchor- Flint, Michigan

Kevin Lee- 32- Aspiring Author- Denver, Colorado

Matt Richardson- 23- University Student- Seattle, Washington

Mindy Garigiola- 22- Waitress- Los Angeles, California

Rob Sanderson-29- Fitness Trainer- Bronx, New York

Stella Tanner-55- Retired Designer- Kansas City, Missouri

Thomas Revelle- 35- Sports Agent- Miami, Florida

Season Summary

Eddie Safe Safe Head of Household Safe Safe Head of Household Safe
Mindy Safe Safe Nominated Safe Nominated Nominated Head of Household
Rob Safe Head of Household Safe Nominated Safe Safe Nominated
Stella Head of Household Safe Safe Safe Head of Household Safe Nominated
Matt Safe Nominated Safe Head of Household Safe Nominated Evicted- Day 42
Adam Safe Safe Safe Safe Nominated Evicted- Day 35 Evicted- Day 35
Jackie Safe Safe Safe Nominated Evicted- Day 28 Evicted- Day 28 Evicted- Day 28
Thomas Nominated Safe Nominated Evicted- Day 21 Evicted- Day 21 Evicted- Day 21 Evicted- Day 21
Brittany Safe Nominated Evicted Day 14 Evicted- Day 14 Evicted- Day 14 Evicted- Day 14 Evicted- Day 14
Kevin Nominated Evicted- Day 7 Evicted- Day 7 Evicted- Day 7 Evicted- Day 7 Evicted- Day 7 Evicted- Day 7

Season Highlights

  • Kevin becomes the first person in BB history to be evicted from the BB house
  • Stella is voted on by her fellow housemates as the first HOH in BB history
  • Eddie wins the most Head of Households (3)
  • Mindy is nominated the most times (3)
  • Eddie wins final HOH, chooses to take Mindy with him to the final two and evict Rob
  • Eddie becomes the first winner of Big Brother, winning $500,000.
  • Mindy is the first runner-up, winning $50,000

Season 2

Run: July 6th-September 24th
Twist: None
Houseguests (12)
Aaron Handler 23- Boating Instructor- Brownsville, Tennessee
Austin Benson 21- College Basketball Player- Cleveland, Ohio
Cassie Vaughn 25- Model- Oakland, California
Eric Somers 36- 6th Grade Teacher- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Gloria "G" Gilligan 42- Children's Aid Supervisor- Richmond, Virginia
Heather Markstrom 31- Fitness Instructor- Atlanta, Georgia
Holly Johnson 22- Nursing Student- Sacramento, California
Justin Robinson 26- Exterminator- Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Kyle Waxman 27- Stay-at-home Father- Fulton, Mississippi
Michelle Growden 32- Law Firm Secretary- Manhattan, New York
Nathan Patrick 25- 4th year Law Student- Charlotte, North Carolina
Stefanie Valerios 21- Cocktail Waitress- Valencia, California

Week 1

HOH: Holly

Nominated: Cassie and Nathan

Expelled: Justin

Evicted: Cassie 6-2

Week 2

HOH: Nathan

Nominated: Aaron and G

Evicted: G 7-0

Week 3

HOH: Kyle

Nominated: Eric and Michelle

Evicted: Eric 5-1

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11
Will Nicole Autumn Nominated Krista Nominated Krista Nominated Hardy Nominated Winner


Nicole Nominated Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Head of Household Bunky Nominated Monica Runner-Up


Monica Nicole Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Nominated Will Head of Household Evicted

(Day 77)

Will 1
Hardy Sheryl Autumn Head of Household Mike Head of Household Krista Bunky Nominated Evicted

(Day 68)

Nicole 1
Bunky Sheryl Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Krista Nominated Evicted

(Day 61)

Nicole 2
Krista Sheryl Head of Household Shannon Nominated Kent Nominated Evicted

(Day 47)

Will 4
Kent Sheryl Nominated Shannon Head of Household Nominated Evicted

(Day 40)

Will 4
Mike Head of Household Autumn Shannon Nominated Evicted

(Day 33)

Will 4
Eric Nicole Autumn Nominated Evicted

(Day 26)

Will 6
G Sheryl Nominated Evicted

(Day 19)

Nicole 7
Cassie Nominated Evicted

(Day 12)

Will 5
Justin Expelled

(Day 10)

Notes See
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None See
note 2
None See
note 3
note 4
note 5
Expelled Justin none
Evicted Cassie

6 of 8 votes
to evict


7 of 7 votes
to evict


6 of 6 votes
to evict


4 of 5 votes
to evict


4 of 4 votes
to evict


3 of 3 votes
to evict


2 of 3 votes
to evict


Will's choice
to evict


Nicole's choice
to evict


2 votes
to win


5 votes
to win