Big Brother 1Edit

Features 10 houseguest in 1 small house (smallest house of the series). Lambert, Richard, Alex, Draven, & Franck are the boys. Patty, Kery, Jessica, Cassandra, & Carrie are the girls. As the first season is, as only they compete for top 3 survivors & bottom 2 place only. This season is the only season with these events. As Lambert, Draven, & Carrie won the top 3 survivors competition. But then Carrie exchange it to Kery (her alliance member) to get the top 3 survivors spot. At week 3, they can vote to be who should be the top survivors. At the final week (Week 7), Cassandra, Patty, Lambert, & Richard were the final 4, as only 1 person can get that spot. As Richard won it, he decided to give it to Cassandra. As Richard, Lambert, & Patty compete for bottom 2 place. As Richard that one, he can be the one choose to banish Patty or Lambert. So he choose to banish, Patty. Making Cassandra, Richard, & Lambert are the final 3 at week 7 (after half of that week), all the banished houseguest return to vote for someone, as 7 of them vote. Alex, Draven, Franck, Jessica, & Carrie voted for Lambert. While Kery & Patty voted for Patty. Leaving Richard the 2nd runner-up & recieve 0 votes. As Lambert won $500,000. Then Cassandra won $100,000. Finally Richard won $50,000. Everyone recieve none, but they all enjoyed it.


Season Houseguest Winner Runner-up/s Total Number of Banished/Evicted Houseguest
Big Brother 1 10 houseguest Lambert Cassandra & Richard 7 banished houseguests
Big Brother 2 12 houseguest N/A N/A 1 evicted houseguest (uncompleted)
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