Lambert Paymentell - A engierrer from Huston, Texas.1st (Winner)

Cassandra Springs - A 6th grade music teacher from Seattle, Washington.2nd

Richard Moore - A traffic police cop from New York City, New York.3rd

Patty Mandozia - A banker from Atlanta, Georgia.4th

Draven Shoes - A doctor from Boise, Idaho.5th

Jessica Aiken - A beauty queen from San Fansico, California.6th

Carrie Eversteak - A gradmother of 2 from Boca Racon, Florida.7th

Alex Ravens - A space scientist from Maimi, Florida.8th

Kery Evans - A mother of 3 from Los Angeles, California.9th

Franck Queensby - A personal shopper from Austin, Texas.10th

Voting History Edit

Week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Finale
Lambert Franck Kery Richard Carrie Jessica Nominated Nominated Winner: $500,000
Cassandra Nominated Nominated Richard Carrie Jessica Draven (Finalist) Runner-up: $100,000
Richard Cassandra Cassandra Nominated Carrie Draven Draven Patty 2nd Runner-up: $50,000
Patty Franck Cassandra Alex Nominated Jessica Lambert Nominated Lambert (Vote at Finale)
Draven Franck Kery Alex Patty Nominated Nominated Lambert (Vote at Finale)
Jessica Franck Kery Alex Carrie Nominated Cassandra (Vote at Finale)
Carrie Cassandra Cassandra Alex Nominated Lambert (Vote at Finale)
Alex Franck Kery Nominated Lambert (Vote at Finale)
Kery Franck Nominated Cassandra (Vote at Finale)
Franck Nominated Lambert (Vote at Finale)


  • The Votes at the Finale, only Kery & Franck votes weren't revealed. So it was revealed after the show. As Kery voted for Cassandra & Franck voted for Lambert.

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All-Stars (Not made): Possible houseguest: Cassandra, Richard, & Draven.

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