Sims Big Brother 3 (U.S.)

Name Age[I] Occupation Hometown [47]
Alex Huey 21 College Student Hartford, Connecticut
Audrey Toro 55 Youth Counselor Greenville, Alabama
Brad Monahan 33 Long Distance Truck Driver/Shipper Macon, Mississippi
Claudia Wheeler 24 Office Clerk Dover, Delaware
Eric Doyle 27 Computer Sales Representative Chambersberg, Pennsylvania
Garrett Dickinson 23 Fitness Trainer Bakersfield, California
Gwen Alberts 30 Voice Pathologist Williamstown, New Jersey
Justin Richey 33 Bartender Boulder, Colorado
Madeline Sawyer 28 Blog Writer/Aspring Author Hibbing, Minnesota
Mike Garrison 46 Economics Professor Baltimore, Maryland
Renee Feldman-Pinckney 40 Social Psychologist Ravenswood,West Virginia
Samantha Lang 22 Waitress/Recent College Graduate Durant, Oklahoma

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