Big Jordy's Belch-Inducing Diner

BJBID movie poster

Stedman Blacksbury
Tyler Haick
Stella Anne Gelch
Robert Wailleys
John MacBelch
Austin Eezel
Jarita Gates
Bob McGuiern
Lois Helen Hadsmith
Margaret Dealship
Joshua Hemmedey
Louis Margellos
Frederick Fyxer
Oscar Kalgarron
Directed by
Brad Hyllon
Country of origin

Big Jordy's Belch-Inducing Diner (often abbreviated as BJBID, and called Big Jordy's in New Herswick) is a Dragoonish film starring veteran actor Stedman Blacksbury and Tyler Haick as two employees at a diner in Jord City's East Pickman District with a reputation of serving food "so good, that it will cause people to belch", as "a symptom of the fullness they will experience after eating so much". It is one of only few Dragoonish films to have inspired a national/international business; this film was the inspiration for the name of Belch's Restaurant, which now has locations across Dragoonasag and in sixteen other nations. The film was directed by veteran Dragoonish director Brad Hyllon, and it premiered in theaters across Dragoonasag in November of 1990. Blacksbury and Haick both helped to promote the film.


Actor Character
Stedman Blacksbury Gregory Boustraux
Tyler Haick Reginald Bridges
Stella Anne Gelch Bertha Boustraux
Robert Wailleys Matthew Jordson
John MacBelch Robert Ulysses Alkarron
Austin Eezel Joshua "Josh" Dickinson
Jarita Gates Emily Hyllon
Bob McGuiern Eric Patrick
Lois Helen Hadsmith Mama Mabel Juster
Margaret Dealship Veronica Tatum
Joshua Hemmedey Russell J. Tatum
Louis Margellos Bartholomew "Bart" Dealship
Frederick Fyxer Felix Eezel
Oscar Kalgarron Jord Bennett


The film begins inside the diner in East Pickman, Jord City, Mylo. Gregory Boustraux and Reginald Bridges are finishing their shift at Big Jordy's Diner. Once they are finished with their shifts, they prepare to leave when their boss, Russell Joseph Tatum, approaches them to tell them that they would have to work the night shift. Gregory then begins a rage-fueled argument, which does not move Russell. Gregory then angrily leaves, and Russell vows to fire him. Reginald then agrees to follow Gregory's example, and storms off. Russell then leaves, mumbling.

The next morning, Gregory and Reginald report to work, to find that Russell has decided not to fire them. Gregory responds to this decision with "I guess he had a nightmare that Big Jordy visited him and scolded him." Later that day, Gregory and Reginald have their hands full when a man named Matthew Jordson enters, asking for the "belch-inducing special". The employees begin preparing Matthew's order, and, forty-five minutes later, they serve the order. Matthew eats 85% of the meal, and then proceeds to let out numerous belches, some of which are rather big and loud. He then leaves a $30 tip on the table, and leaves, saying he should have left only fifteen dollars because the service was "horrible". Gregory then takes a piece of paper and writes something down.

An hour later, Matthew returns, to begin complaining about the food. While complaining for "three hours straight", he constantly belches, "due to the food." Sometime during Matthew's complaining, Gregory decides that he had heard enough, and he just leaves. After Matthew wastes time with his "belch-infested" complaint to employees who could care less about what he has to say, he notices that Gregory had left, and he notifies Russell, who tells him that Gregory must have "gotten tired of your senseless bickering".

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