The bioninja is the king of all ninjas. He is incredibly strong, and is very cool looking. He has gold armor, and special invisibility mask ( gold also ). He has gold shoes, and his weapons are a wicked saber scythe, and a twin gutter. he also has two weapons on his arms that, if he somehow loses his other weapons, can slice through metal. He lives on the planet demecres.

Childhood Edit

his early childhood was a very miserable one. He lived in the town of Lusicresia. His parents were killed when he was 5. He was then forced to live on the streets for a few years before a group of misfits took him in. He lived happily for while, but then he found a terrible secret.

Ninja Training Edit

One day he was walking down the street when he saw a person with a uniform on. He was taken to a camp, and they told him that war was coming, and he was a recruit. They tried him as a soldier, but that didn't work very well. They finally made him a ninja, Which he found very fitting. When his training was done and it was a day before he was sent out to war, he killed the general and ran off into the distance.

group of misfits Edit