Biyahe is a 2010 comedy-adventure film. It is an AE Film Productions Original Movie and its first movie released. It was a direct-to-dvd movie produced by AE Film Productions. The film was directed by MASH Media . The film tells about five college students finding their way back home.

The filming and production began on the second week of April and was finished on the last week of the month. The film was released on the first day of the following month, May 1, 2010.


Elijah International College was scheduled for an educational field trip. The students were grouped according to their courses. Each course has a corresponding bus. On the way, the buses stopped at a cafe named The Green Cups. Some students got off the buses, some were not. Five students, Mela from the business management class, Sam from the tourism class, Brent from the photography class, Savina from the masscommunication class, and Atom from the chemical engineering class got off their buses and were marooned.

Putsolo saw them and brought them to his house near a field. It was in a province which was innocent to technology. Because the five were rich, it was a struggle for them to live at Putsolo's place. Putsolo, one day, took their things thinking they would change. Putsolo was wrong. Putsolo left his own house and returned their things. He left a note saying that he won't come back unless they leave. Finally a vehicle sent by their parents came to fetch them. At the end they left, saying goodbye to Putsolo.