Blåöga was a "cat" that became best friend with Louie in 1998 and on.

Name Edit

Blåögas name can be hard to understand in other countries like the UK and USA. But here is an explanation: The swedish words for "blue" and "eye" is "blå"=blue and "öga"=eye. When Blåöga was born one of her eyes had a large dark blue spot around it (the rest of her where brown with wite "details"), therefore the name Blåöga "Blueeye".

Personality Edit

Blåöga was a female "cat" that met Louie at the age of three, they quickly became best freinds but they never where a couple as many people says, but she assisted Louie many times and she where often called The Queen of Applecity even by herself and Louie.

She where a very intelligent "cat" even if she diden´t show it very much. One of her brilliant creations is the company Hans eller Hans Productions.

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