The Black and White House is a building in Colorado Springs. The home of the Horace family, it has been the place for many events.


Pre-Horace Years 1964-1978/1980Edit

The Black and White House was constructed, according to some sources, in crica 1964, or it may have been around, before, or after that point. However, all offical sources (including family sources) date it from c. 1964, so it has to be the construction date.

At some point between 1964 and the 1970's, a elderly couple occupied the house. Their fate in the house is unknown, but it's most likely they moved or died. Around the same time, the Green Fence was contructed as a patio, and later became a sort of backyard fence. It would remain until being torn down in 1998.

Around the time the couple disspeared, a man named Hector purchased the house and made the First Great Renovation. Hector completed the construction of the Green Fence, transforming it from a patio into a fortfication in the back, and made the house weird-looking. Orange and black carpets were placed in downstairs rooms, maroon and baige carpets in others, and green carpets in others.

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