Blue Cyber Armor Brothers

Blue Cyber Armor Brothers

Info Edit

Real Names: Bob, Ben, and Butch Cyther

Status: Villains

Occupation: Original founders and leaders of the Blue Cyber Tech Force; allies of Kazamardra, Velenor, and Zalthor; inventors; super villains; geniuses

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman intelligence due to birth and aging; these triplets have brilliant minds and are some of the smartest men on Earth; possesses advance technology and machines (they also gain Kazamardran technology from the Kazamardrans to make highly great inventions); expert inventors and scientists; great strategists; their powered armors grants the triplet brothers strength and invulnerability (they are strong enough to carry over 2 tons while wearing the armors and the armors have optional, invisible powered barriers that can deflect many upcoming blows).

--Tyroguun 14:53, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

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